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Volume III

The Saison Journal | March 2024

Spring is here and is perhaps the season that makes my heart flutter the most. A season that signals rebirth, delicate flavors, tender greens and soft flowers, I find myself overcome with inspiration. Cherry blossoms, magnolia and dogwoods dot the streets and the first daffodils, tulips and ranunculus return to the markets. Early spring veg like snap peas, asparagus, ramps and tender greens are just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to welcome them into my kitchen. Below you'll find a sweet spring recipe, dinner party inspiration and a recap on what's been going on in the kitchen :)

Wishing everyone a happy spring,

Xx Sammy

Summer table scape with a fresh fruit tart with peaches, cherries, and blackberries

snapshots from union square farmers market, spring desserts

Cooking & Dining

With these transitional days, I find myself moving a bit more slowly through my day, trying to stop and notice all the ephemeral moments of spring. The softening earth, fresh new buds, changing sunlight, sweet air and the moment when the afternoon sun meets the chill of evening. I've been dreaming of a meal that captures the essence of these moments— delicate flavors, tenderness and comfort foods all come to mind. On a recent sunny morning, I scribbled down a menu that I can’t wait to cook for friends and hope sparks some inspiration in your kitchen. It looks something like this —  an apero of lillet blanc spritzs, warm citrusy olives, crispy radish and fragrant herb butter, unfussy and delicious. For dinner, a table full of many plates —  grilled sesame sourdough with smoked ricotta, an herby shaved carrot salad, wilted lemony greens and white beans, fresh pasta with pistachio pesto and peas, and an oven roasted fish stuffed with herbs and lemons. And last but not least, a strawberry, rose and chamomile tiramisu. It's certainly a feast, but in my mind, the best way to usher in the new season. 



4 oz lillet blanc 2 oz gin 4 oz soda Sprig of thyme

Cucumber slices, lemon slices and slices of fruit or berries (optional) 

Fill a tall glass or wine glass with ice and place cucumber slices, lemon slices, fruit and sprig of thyme. Pour lillet and gin over ice and top with soda. Give it all a stir and head outdoors to start sipping. 


I may be getting ahead of myself by a month or so, but this strawberry, rose & chamomile tiramisu is my little love letter to the start of spring. Subtle and sweet, it's cloud like consistency melts in your mouth and reminds me of a perfect spring day. Assemble it in a tray and bring to a picnic or in little glasses for a beautiful finish to a spring dinner party, it's a dessert intended to share with friends. I hope you enjoy it!

Peach tiramisu, wine, and peaches on a beautiful summer day. Recipe for peach tiramisu available.

Recent Projects, Cakes & Press!

It's been a season of sweets in the kitchen working with brands I deeply admire. Last month, I had so much fun during NYFW creating beautiful bites all across the city for Ulla Johnson, Rosetta Getty, Loeffler Randall, Jenni Kayne & Summer Fridays. I'm so inspired by the brands I get to work with and love creating something in the kitchen reflective of their brand and story. This past week, I created a spread of breakfast and lunch bites for Birkenstock, inspired by their latest collection (think matcha madeleines and berry tartlets). I live in Birkenstock clogs in and out of the kitchen, so this was a particularly fun one for me :) 

Cake has also been top of mind lately! Saison was recently included in Architectural Digest's article on jaw-dropping wedding cakes. This was a real pinch me moment to be included amongst bakers I admire so much. With more cake orders coming in and as we enter wedding season, I created a special cake page on my site with a gallery of cakes for inspiration. 

Drop a line now to to learn more about custom orders & cakes!

Stay tuned for the next one and drop a line to say hello!

With Love, Sammy

Published 03• 22 • 2024


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