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Fig + Provolone Toasts

Sweet figs are paired with salty Italian provolone on these delicious little toasts, perfect for picnics, snacking or late summer appetizers. Figs hit the farmers market late summer and last into early fall, so I find myself using them in abundance in September - topping my morning yogurt, decorating cakes, and filling cheese boards. You'll most likely come across black mission figs or Adriatic figs (the pale green ones), but any figs will work for these toasts.


Fig Toasts

serves 2-4

1 pint figs, about 8 ⁣

1/4 lb sliced Italian provolone

4 slices filone, ciabatta, or bread of choice

Drizzle of olive oil⁣

Drizzle of honey

Small handful of purple basil

Pinch of flaky sea salt

Top bread with one or two slices of Italian provolone and layer figs on top, about 2 sliced figs per toast. Drizzle with olive oil, honey, flaky sea salt and torn purple basil. Transfer to a serving platter + enjoy.


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