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Summer Pantry began in the late spring of 2020 as our garden began to bloom and I longed to cook for friends + family again during the pandemic. 

Intended to be a little pick me up or a sweet gift for a friend, Summer Pantry touched more than I expected and grew its own following, organically evolving into Saison. 


At Saison, each box is handmade with love in Brooklyn, NY by cook + stylist Samantha Rees. Boxes are now available to ship in the U.S. and for local delivery in NYC, shop now! 




Each box highlights seasonal produce grown from our garden in Brooklyn. Our garden has been a labor of love, starting as an overgrown, neglected space and slowly turning into a bountiful green oasis filled with vegetables, herbs and fruits. 


We've spent countless weekends and hours tending to it, building everything from the ground up, and are constantly envisioning ways to improve. It's also a place to gather, host al fresco dinners and sit under the twinkle lights. 


Summer Pantry is focused on being zero waste and all food scraps are composted and put right back into the garden. All other ingredients are sourced locally from the farmers market and specialty purveyors. All organic + the very best. 

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